Denim Doctors

Denim Doctors is a denim repair shop in Beverly Hills that specializes is alterations, repairs for your denim and a shopping mecca for cool vintage items that the founder has been collecting over the years … Leather jackets, belts, vintage shoes, denim from Stevenson Overall Company and t-shirts.


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My reason for the trip to the store … A boat load of high quality denim (Raleigh Denim, The Jean Shop, Spurr, J Crew, Vintage Levi’s) stashed in my closet but not wearable for multiple reasons – seams needed tapering, inseams too long etc.  I took a “sample” pair of selvedge jeans that fit perfectly and the rest was taken care of by shop manager Jason and assistant Neste.

IMG_5351The alterations aren’t cheap!  Plan for $60 – $100 bucks a pair.  But when you get that perfect fit, it’s worth the dough!  Denim Doctors are located at 7383 Beverly Blvd  Los Angeles, CA 90036.