MR PORTER $8,000 wardrobe giveaway

The recent debut of Mr Porter, the biggest ever launch of a men’s luxury-goods website, will be closely watched by the fashion industry to see whether there are enough active male shoppers to support a fashion site.  Mr Porter, is the cousin of the successful Net-a-Porter site for women, is aiming to crack the men’s market when it comes to clothes shopping.

The $8,000 giveaway is being advertised on their facebook page.  Good luck!

The Classic Gentleman invites you …

Listen up gentlemen – Under the category “Men with style” on this blog site, I would like to start featuring you, my stylish readers!  I invite you to send me your likeness pictured in classic menswear (formal or not) with your name and a little note about yourself and your style.  If successful, this will become a permanent feature on this site.  Don’t be shy … I’ll even make it fun – from the first ten entries I receive, I will pick one winner to a $100 gift certificate of his choice of whatever.  Post up.  Send your material to