My First Pair of Corthay Shoes

Pierre Corthay is to shoes what Thomas Keller is to food – sheer genius.  In shoes like in cooking quality and ingredients matter.  Pierre Corthay began his training at Les Compagnons du Tour de France (a French organization of craftsmen and artisans dating from the Middle Ages but still active today.)   He also worked for John Lobb in Paris and then went on as atelier head at Berluti. In 1990, he began producing bespoke shoes, that take a few months to make. In 1992, the sultan of Brunei ordered 150 pairs in 1992 that I imagine must have taken a few years to make!  In 2001, Corthay began producing ready-made shoes.  I just acquired my first pair the Belphegor in Burgundy.  They have a great open lacing structure and a beautiful patina.

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