Mitchell Leather Shop in Milwaukee

Old world craftsmanship, engaging conversation and the best handcrafted leather goods made in the US of A … offered up the Mitchell Leather Factory in Milwaukee (America’s best kept secret)!

Mitchell Leather was started by the late Jerry Mitchell, a Romanian immigrant to Milwaukee in 1968.  An engineer by trade, Jerry began by designing and making bags by hand and gradually moving to customized machinery in his Milwaukee factory on Water streetIf Mitchell’s bags are good for Neiman Marcus, believe me they are good for you!  I walked into the store last week on a 100 degree day in Milwaukee and was warmly welcomed by Jerry’s wife Bernie.  She offered and I took her up on the idea of touring the factory that sits atop the retail space on the first floor.

It’s a surprisingly large space for a custom shop that is now run by Jerry’s son Dave who I was acquainted with through his affiliation to Ultra Fidelis (a local high end audiophile store).

As Bernie showed me around I was amazed by the cutting tables, sewing machines, tools and heaps and heaps of colorful and exotic leather all over the place.

Exotic skins and colorful leather in abundance!

All this beautiful raw material is transformed by Dave into amazing brief cases, watch straps, belts, iPad cases and other wonderful accessories.

Mitchell bags are not cheap, but for quality that will hold up a lifetime it’s money well spent!

I can swear that Mitchell’s creations are works of art.  I have seen and touched them!

Even found this cool tube amp on the shop floor … a vestige of Dave’s audiophile past.

If you pass through Milwaukee, a stop at the Mitchell shop is a must.

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