The Chai Cart in San Francisco.

Meet Dennis Walker – Chai Wala, musician and just a damn nice human being.  I met Dennis manning his Chai Cart that brings the sweet, spicy, fragrant Indian tea to the masses roaming the streets of San Francisco.  He offered me a sample as I was heading to grab breakfast and coffee.  So began our conversation …

I learned that Dennis has a degree in film and media, is a musician and band leader of local Ghost Town Refugees that play “greens” music (so branded by him vs. the blues).  It is eclectic music that you can dance to?  Would like to hear it first hand sometime.  Here’s a snippet from YouTube.

Dennis is passionate about his band, traveling the world and loves talking to people.   So on to the actual product from the cart … The chai was decent but could have used a bit more spice, a little less milk and a bit more sugar.  But as I told Dennis – I am so used to my family’s chai … nothing could top that goodness.

Dennis – stop posing and let me know when The Ghost Refugees can get to your hometown of San Diego so we can catch you guys live!  See you around.

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