A sophisticated white wine.

Sunday night dinner was lobster pasta as the main course.  With comfort food on the table, I wanted to choose the wine accompaniment carefully to complement the dish.  I settled on Bedrock Co.’s Cuvee Karatas Sonoma County 2010 white.  Have been saving this one for a while.  Today’s meal presented the right opportunity.

Here’s why … the lobster dish called for a sauce made with avacado, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, basil and fresh lemon juice.  The pasta was then topped by baked lobster tail meat.  The sauce coated the linguine pasta beautifully with a creamy, lemony taste balanced with texture from a topping of sharp shaved parmigiano cheese and lemon zest.  The pasta on the plate below looks sloppy but trust me – it tasted fantastic!

Here’s my tasting notes on the sheer delightful of a wine … First and foremost, the nose was fantastic with freshness to it followed by mouth watering tropical fruit (think melon, kiwi and lychee)  with a spicy finish that was long!  It has a luxurious texture and a nice creamy body.

This wine is not readily available retail (at least in my town) but probably obtainable online.  Highly recommended!

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