Franklin BBQ In Austin, TX

Like barbeque?  Let me introduce you to the the world’s best – Franklin BBQ in Austin.

Owner Aaron Franklin started his business in 2009 from a trailer serving beef brisket that began to garner a following amongst patrons and media alike.  Last year Aaron moved his operation to a more traditional brick and mortar restaurant.  Alas, while production has increased, lines continue to form two hours ahead of opening time everyday at 11am.  Most days the food is gone by 1pm!

I lined up at 8:45am on a Saturday morning and was greeted by this chair.  More on John later …

I settled into this chair iPad in hand to while away the time.  By 9am the line starts forming.  A group of four young men arrive with coffee and doughnuts.  One of them offers me a cup that I cheerfully accept.  What a great town I say to myself!

At 10:15ish a gentleman (pictured behind me below) arrives and starts to remove my iPad.  I say “hey that’s mine” and he replies “my name is John and that’s my chair”.  I apologize and we introduce ourselves.  Turns out that John is a long time patron of Franklin and has earned the right to be first in line regardless of when he arrives!  John is a true gentleman.  He tells me his story and that of Franklin barbeque.

Once the doors open, John introduces me to Aaron, tells him that I am visiting from San Diego.  Aaron welcomes us, cuts a nice slice of burnt end beef brisket and offers a taste before we place our order.  What a treat that was – first taste of the freshly seasoned barbeque that just melts in your mouth!

As you approach the counter, you encounter true southern hospitality from Aaron.  No customer is rushed into ordering.  Aaron answers your questions, describes his food that is crafted with passion and all with a smile as he expertly handles brisket, turkey, pulled pork, ribs and sausage.

Our sampling included beef brisket, turkey, and pulled pork with sides of slaw and beans and of course white bread!  Whereas most places smoke brisket for seven hours at 500°, Aaron cooks his for 18 hours at 250°.  The meat emerges with a pink smoke ring around the interior the hallmark of great barbecue.

It’s all good …

Judging by that look, Connie is loving the food!

And that key lime pie to follow – sweet heaven it was.

As we finish up and walk out, the line is still thick.

And here’s what happens around 1pm …

A visit to Franklin is highly recommended if you’re in Austin. Thanks Aaron and John.  We had a great time.

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