Carnitas Snack Shack

Carnitas snack shack is located in the Northpark neighborhood of San Diego. Chef owner Hanis Cavin and partner Sara Stroud started this pork haven last year and serve slow food to die for!

What differentiates Carnitas is their commitment to locally sourced farm fresh food.  Menu items include the listing on the board below …

We tried the carnitas tacos with avacado and salsa fresca.  Beautifully grilled and seasoned carnitas with crispy burnt ends and gobs of delicious pork with the right amount of fatty goodness!  Comes with a side of sweet creamed corn.

The seasoned fries as a side – nice touch of spice on the skinny fried potatoes with homemade ketchup!

For dessert – Bacon ice cream sandwich – home made ice cream with vanilla ice cream flecked with caramelized bacon. It’s amazing … a must try!

You order your food at the front window and head back to the comfortable patio type seating area.  The fenced area features colorful homages to the humble pig.  All bow to the mighty PIG!

Chef Hanis Cavin has a distinguished bio with stints at Pacifica Del Mar, Kensington Grill and Chive.  He let us sneak into his tiny kitchen and proclaimed … “I love pork”!  The man’s passion shines through his simply cooked and locally sourced food.  Long live the pig!  Highly recommended.

2632 University Ave
(between Pershing Ave & Villa Ter)
San Diego, CA 92104

2 thoughts on “Carnitas Snack Shack

  1. The owner has the it completely dialed in. Great food, value for the money and
    passionate about creating the best thing I ever ate!!!!

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