Bob Schneider @ Antone’s in Austin

I had never seen Bob Schneider perform until Friday night at Antone’s in Austin and I’m sure glad I bought last minute tickets.  From what I’ve heard and now I can swear to … he is an outstanding performer and shines when he can work the crowd at smaller venues like Antone’s.
His band includes talented musicians that have great stage presence. Bob is one of those artists that has such a clear voice and great vocals and he sounds the same live as he does on his studio recordings.  Every live show is recorded and made available to fans that attended that show.  Bob releases those under the Frunk label.  The show I attended was pressed on 2 discs that I grabbed after the show for 15 bucks.
The lovely Harmoni Kelley on bass and vocals.
Conrad Chouchroun: drums, xylophone, vocals, human beat box!
Jon Sanchez: guitar, vocals
A bit of trivia on Bob … During the summer of 2010, Bob Schneider and his friend accepted an invitation to cruise around Lake Travis near their home in Austin–an afternoon that unwittingly wound up inspiring the singer and songwriter’s latest album, A Perfect Day.  Schneider–who’s watched Austin become a mecca for the movie industry–pretty much assigned himself the impetus for the song “Penelope Cruz,” however.
“I think she’s one of the most attractive women in Hollywood,” he notes, “and I read somewhere that she dated pretty much everybody she’s made a movie with. So I was like, ‘I wish I was an actor so I could make a movie with Penelope Cruz’– and have sex with her, basically. And then another part of thought it would be cool if I had a song with her name in it, because then someone might go, ‘Hey, there’s some guy who wrote a song called ‘Penelope Cruz.’ We should check that out’ and somehow I could go out with Penelope Cruz. But she just got married to Javier Bardem, so that fucked up my whole plan…”
Bob currently has a long-standing Monday night residency at the Saxon Pub in Austin, and on occasion, the Scabs, all while maintaining a tireless touring schedule. Although he tours nationwide, he is still known best as a true Austin musician. His musical influences spread into the far reaches of musical culture—funk, soul, folk, lounge, rap, punk, even some melodic experimentalism.
He is also known for having dated Sandra Bullock. It is speculated that the breakup following their relationship became fodder for his music, although Schneider has been known to deny autobiographical content in his music.I think Bob is a funny, charming, and extremely talented performer.  Check him out.

2 thoughts on “Bob Schneider @ Antone’s in Austin

  1. That was Jon Sanchez playing guitar Friday night, not Billy Cassis. Oliver Steck plays keys, accordion, trumpet, handclaps and acrobatics. Jay Thomas engineers the sound and recording the Frunk, and also played the steel drums that night.

    • HY-Girl you are absolutely right. I was listening to the CD last night and heard Bob introducing Jon Sanchez talking about him playing “no guitar solos for the dudes but more romantic jazzy chords for the ladies” and realized my error. Thanks for setting it straight … I will edit to reflect that correction. Thanks!

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