HRD Coffee Shop in San Francisco

“Good Eats, Nice Peeps, Grab a Seat” sums it up for this awesome little food joint a few blocks away from AT&T ball park in San Francisco.  HRD was featured on Guy Fieri’s “Diners, Drive-In’s and Dives” on the food network.

I went there on a Thursday for lunch and the line snaked out the door – people waiting to dig into their amazing kimchee burritos, steak sandwiches and a variety of Korean goodies guaranteed to rock your taste buds!

The menu mixes things up with elements ranging from Chinese and Korean blended with American and Mexican at bargain prices!

HRD in it’s current incarnation is owned by David Yeung who took over the reins about three years ago following the retirement of his uncle Ben Chan, who ran the Chinese lunch spot for fifty years!  The dining area is small but clean with orange stools for a communal style dining experience with another adjoining area with four tables and chairs for a bit more private affair.

The Kimchee burrito is a nice way to ease into your first indulgence at HRD.  It’s a nice big flour roll stuffed with spicy pork, kimchi fried rice blended with sweet kochu chang, Korean spicy bean paste, drizzled with sour cream and diced cubes of kiwi that make for foil wrapped magic.  It is freakin amazing!

I did try the Mongolian Cheesesteak the following day for lunch.  Grilled bread with thinly sliced beef smothered with grilled onions, green pepper and melted cheese and hoisin-sambal sauce with a side of crisp fries!

The creators are always dishing out service with smiles!

Like everything else in San Francisco, the ingredients are top notch.  The meat comes from Niman Ranch.  If you want to avoid the lines go at 2pm although the lines move pretty quickly.  Most locals buy the grub and leave so you’ll have no problem grabbing a seat if you want to eat in house.

What does HRD stand for you ask?  “Human Resources Department” of course.  Seriously … ask the owner!

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