The Aristocrats at Biscuit & Blues

Saw The Aristocrats perform at the Biscuit and Blues club this weekend.  The venue is a great offering to music lovers who like an intimate setting to see their artists perform. The club features great regional acts  along with a great Southern Cuisine as a dining option.

The box office area for the club …

Got there early – 6pm for a show start time of 8pm and boy am I glad I did.  The sound check that lasted a good 45 minutes was a treat in itself!  The Aristocrats are a trio made up of Guitar God, Guthrie Govan, Bitchin’ Bass slapper, Bryan Beller and Manical Mad skins basher, Marco Minnemann!  The three are outstanding artists with cred that showcases their talent with collaborations that range across a wide spectrum in the music world!

Bryan Beller, Guthrie Govan, Marco MinnemannMarco was the first onstage to setup during the sound check.  Went and introduced myself and engaged in a chat – he is an absolutely gracious guy, humble and friendly.

As the sound check progressed, we chatted with club owner Steve to get his recommendations on what food we should order.  Ended up with seafood jambalaya and a goat cheese salad.

On to the show then – started at 8pm sharp.  They opened with the mellow Bad Asteroid followed by Boing! … I’m in the back.  Plenty of audience banter between each track.  Marco introduces the next track Blues Fuckers, a song that breaks every rule of a traditional blues rhythmic setup.

B&B is an intimate setting and these lads can crank out the tunes loud.  But I swear to you – every lick from Guthrie’s lead guitar and every slap from Bryan Beller’s bass to the pounding of Marco’s drum theatrics remind you that is one special group!

See You Next Tuesday was next up introduced by Beller as a song that he wrote when he was very young, very angry and very stupid.  Marco gave a shout out to his parents who were seated right next to our table.  I noticed his mom rhythmically shaking her head to most of the tunes 🙂

Marco introduced the next song Train Tracks – a song he wrote somewhere in Europe where he listened to running trains all night.  He has a beautiful drum set and he knows how to pound it.  A 15 minute solo came next – fully indulgent with flawless technique and the audience lapped every minute of it.

The delicious Sweaty Knockers came next – Bryan introduced that one with some connotation to his wife.  The song is jazzy, bluesy, funky and slightly metal all at the same time.  These musicians just plain spew talent.

Guthrie closed out with Erotic Cakes a song from his solo album titled the same.

A bow at the end of a fantastic show!

After the show Guthrie stepped out of the club to chain smoke a bit.  He chatted, was gracious enough to sign my cd and take pictures.  Bryan Beller did the same.  These guys are awesome.  Can’t wait to see them at their show in San Diego coming up soon.

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