Led Zeppelin’s Presence – from Definitive Collection Box Set (Mini LP Replica; Box set, Limited Edition, Original recording remastered)

Album #7 from Led Zeppelin was released on 31 March 1976.  At the height of their popularity, this album came at the heels of Robert Plant’s recuperation from injuries he had sustained in a car accident.  When he was taken to a Greek hospital after the accident, Plant recalled: I was lying there in some pain trying to get cockroaches off the bed and the guy next to me, this drunken soldier, started singing “The Ocean”from Houses of the holy.

During a convalescent period on the Channel Island of Jersey and Malibu Robert Plant wrote some lyrics, and when Jimmy Page joined him, the album’s compositions were fleshed out.  After a month of rehearsals, the album was recorded in just 18 days in Germany.  Jimmy Page simply stayed awake for two days straight to perform all of the guitar overdubs!

The music on Presence was straight forward rock – no acoustic and no keyboards.  Outstanding tracks include “Achilles Last Stand”, Nobody’s fault but mine” and “Tea for one”.

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