Self Edge, Los Angeles

Want to experience one of the classiest retail spaces in America?  Head to Self Edge in Los Angeles on 144 N. La Brea Ave., for top quality denim for the discerning.

Brands they carry include:

Iron Heart – Iron Heart’s parent company, Works Incorporated, has been manufacturing denim for more than 25 years. In that time, they have mastered the art of making denim that is both extremely heavy and comfortable to wear.

The Flat Head – A garment and accessories manufacturer that constantly pushes the limits of hardware use and denim weaving. We are continuously blown away by their attention to detail and passion for the art of denim.

Strike Gold – Hailing from Okayama, the denim capital of Japan, Strike Gold is a line created by the Hamamoto brothers with over twenty years of experience in the Japanese denim industry.

Real Japan Blues – Hailing from Nagano, Japan, Real Japan Blues (R.J.B.) pushes the level-of-attention aspect of denim and shirts to a whole new level.

Dry Bones – Based in Tokyo and run by a group of rock n’ roll-loving denim fanatics, Dry Bones is heavily inspired by 40’s and 50’s rock.

Sugar Cane – For those who can appreciate the myriad of nuances and character found in the finest single-malt scotch, the clearest, most colorless diamond or a handcrafted, centuries-old Persian rug.

Mister Freedom – The brainchild of a Frenchman living in Los Angeles by the name of Christophe Loiron, Mister Freedom is the vision of vintage gone deep.

Buzz Rickson – A Japanese-made brand of vintage military jackets and reproductions of garments from days past.

Imperial Denim – Imperial Denim is the essential revert to the traditional denim aesthetic.

3sixteen – A menswear line headquartered in New York City’s Lower East Side. Founded in 2003, the brand aims to create collections that demonstrate longevity in both design and construction.

3sixteen+ – 3sixteen+ is an ongoing collaborative denim project between 3sixteen and Self Edge’s Kiya Babzani, emphasizing the utmost in quality and attention to detail.

Roy Denim – A small Oakland-based denim line started in the apartment of its founder and namesake, Roy Slaper. It is the epitome of the small-run, labor-of-love clothing that we treasure.

Self Edge – Our house line encompasses our favorite parts of denim, clothing and accessories with a distinct aesthetic. Production varies between Japan and the USA depending on which particular factory blends our needs with the utmost quality.

Nudie Jeans Co. – A Swedish clothing brand that believes jeans should be worn till their death. All Nudies are designed in Sweden and made in Italy of denim from Japan and Italy.

Sling & Stones – Driven by social and ecological sustainability and distinctive manufacturing processes, Sling & Stones offers certified organic Supima denim loomed in a small production denim mill in Okayama, Japan.

Wild Child & Co. – The brainchild of Kiya Babzani (Self Edge) and Samuel de Goede (Cotton Duck). They’ve come together from two opposite sides of the world (San Francisco and Amsterdam) to bring you twisted creations based on two age-old materials, denim and leather.

Stevenson Overall Co. – The brainchild of Zip Stevenson meets Atsu The Vintage Don of Japan.

In addition to denim they also stock books and magazines:

My Freedamn! – Rin Tanaka and his publishing company, Cycleman Books, are responsible for the My Freedamn! volumes of rock and roll clothing and other gems of Americana.

INVENTORY Magazine – A curation of ideas in product, craft, and culture. The publication focuses on the people and stories behind the products and brands that we covet, collect and wear every day.

Men’s File – A magazine that presents the entire spectrum of retro and revival style from modernist architecture to bobber motorcycles.

Sidney Lo – Sidney is a 23-year-old photographer from San Francisco, California whose latest work is a series of portraits that explore self-portraiture throughout an online fashion community, Superfuture.

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