Taylor Stitch, San Francisco

Taylor Stitch is a small independent shirt maker out of San Francisco.  Discovered it by way of pleasant accident last week after a coffee run to Four Barrel on Valencia Street in the Mission district.

A brain child of 3 young designers, the establishment offers full bespoke shirt making services along with made to wear (off the rack) shirts and denim that is designed and sewn locally.  Their custom tailored shirts are made in Newark, New Jersey by a third generation family business that has over 85 years of custom shirt making experience.

I love well made American gear and don’t mind paying for it.  Shirt fabrics range from $150 -$400 and you choose the details  – collar, cuffs, buttons, contrast stitching, placket or monogram to make each piece your own.

I picked out and got measured for my first order for 3 shirts.  The gentleman in charge, Kazu Matsuba offered guidance, took the requisite measurements and assured me that I would have the first shirt ready in about 3 weeks for final fit and alterations.

The store has a rack of finished product awaiting customer pick up. The idea is to offer inspiration and ideas if you are new to the bespoke process and feel overwhelmed with the plethora of options offered.

Taylor Stitch also offers limited quantities denim under their own label, Rouges Gallery and Tellason.  TS denim is simple, dark and raw denim.  Just perfect for office wear!

The store space is small but very inviting and purposeful.  Artisan accessories are spread out around the shop – from bags, ties, socks and belts to iPad covers.

Made to order shoes is also an option at Taylor.  I did not have the luxury of time to get into it on this visit.

So break the bank gentlemen – Support american made – Taylor Stitch is worth it!

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