East Village Diner in Encinitas

At East Village Asian dinner you can expect to sample dishes from Japan, Korea, China with some really decent craft beers.  The food is delicious with friendly service.

It is also the home of the Monk’s Stone Pot, a signature dish at East Village.

The pot has baby spinach, bean sprouts, bamboo shoots, carrots, zucchini, mushroom with house blended spicy sauce, rice and over-easy egg.  We ordered ours with brown rice and organic tofu.  They can be customized with choice of meats – beef, chicken, salmon and shrimp.  The bowl arrives super hot with slightly charred and crispy brown rice.  Blending in the over easy egg with the rest of the ingredients adds a rich taste of smoothness!

The carrot ginger vegan soup was fresh with great texture.  It did need a touch of spice and I added the spicy house made sauce.

Seaweed salad with cucumber and carrots.

The Hitachino White ale is a great Japanese micro brew – nice flavor with hints of coriander, nutmeg and orange peel.

The East Diner is a great place for a quick hearty meal in a super casual and cozy atmosphere.

East Village is located on 628, South Coast Highway in Encinitas.



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