Distinguished Footwear Presented in B&W

In Black and White … boots, lace-ups, drivers … all from Barney’s New York

Bettanin & Venturi

Bettanin & Venturi is an Italian family and artisan company that manufactures exclusive luxury men’s shoes.  The company is known for very refined leather colorings on their footwear.  The brand has a limited distribution in the world and in the US, it is an exclusive of Barney’s New York!


Classic horsebit loafers in canvas and leather


Like Bettanin & Venturi, Berluti is a company that manufactures and retails a very exclusive luxury brand of shoes and boots solely for men. It is known for its unique leather finishing and patina. It was founded in 1895 by Italian Alessandro Berluti and is now helmed by his descendant, Olga Berluti. TheLVMH group acquired Berluti in 1993. The brand has very limited distribution—in the US it can only be found at their New York store and five select Barney’s locations and in Europe it is limited to eight Berluti boutiques.

Crockett & Jones

Founded in Northampton, England, Crockett & Jones make fantastic shoes with good welt construction.



Tod’s is an Italian company most famous for its driving shoes.

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