The Ritual Tavern in Northpark, San Diego

A great bar that serves great food.  That sums it up for Ritual Tavern in North Park.  The pub is clean, civilized and the grub is local, organic and well prepared.  A few staples are carried on the menu with others on rotation depending on availability.

We got there early on the weekend (5:00pm) … had to wait till they opened their doors at 5:30pm

We started with a heirloom tomato & goat cheese salad with organic heirloom tomatoes, batter fried goat cheese, arugula, pesto, balsamic reduction.

My crab cake sandwich consisted of cornmeal crusted crab cake,  lemon tarragon aoli, hand cut fries and coleslaw.  Generous helping of crab.  Great combination.

Connie ordered the local catch of the day … corn flour crusted rock fish, citrus cilantro slaw oregano dressing, roasted pepper pico de gallo.  The freshness of the seafood and the veggies was not underscored.  Great dish!

Shots of the dining space and the bar …

And the outdoor patio …

Desserts, cheese, craft beers and wine … they have it all to complete the meal.  We had a great experience.  Highly recommended!


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