Week 2 of Insanity Fitness Program

Week 2 under the belt, 6 more weeks to go.  In short I feel great!  My endurance is increasing, the workouts are challenging but I’m hanging in there nicely.  I have already noticed a fair amount of fat burn and all my clothes are fitting really well.  After 2 weeks into the program you have to perform a Fit Test 2 to determine if you have made progress on 8 exercise moves.  If you recall from my prior post my Fit Test 1 results 2 weeks ago were as follows:

Switch Kicks 67
Power Jacks 40
Power Knees 73
Power Jumps 41
Globe Jumps 8
Suicide Jumps 15
Push-Up Jacks 23
Low Plank Oblique 55

Week 2 results?  Definite progress:

After a series of warm up exercises and stretches, you perform 8 moves for one minute each, as many reps as you can with no rest.  My results:

Switch Kicks 70 +3
Power Jacks 51 +11
Power Knees 98 +25
Power Jumps 45 +4
Globe Jumps 9 +1
Suicide Jumps 19 +4
Push-Up Jacks 32 +9
Low Plank Oblique 69 +14

I’m pretty pleased with my progress. This is max interval cardio that kicks ass.  Results are even better if your eating is fairly clean which I have been doing.  Not starving but just eating clean and very moderate amounts of alcohol help!

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