Week 1 of Insanity Fitness Program

I love working out at the gym almost as much as I love food but I absolutely loathe traditional cardio routines (treadmills, stair climbers etc.).  Last week I decided to give the Insanity program a shot.  Why?  Because I wanted to change things up and experience a new challenge for 8 weeks to shock my body definition.  This is a 60-day cardio-based total-body conditioning program that’s perhaps the most intense workout ever put on DVD. Fitness expert Shaun T created this program that takes total-body conditioning to an extreme level.

In this workout, cardio routines are performed 6 times a week.  Here’s a peek at what it involves.

I just finished week one of the program.  Here’s how it went …

Day 1: Fit Test

After a series of warm up exercises and stretches, you perform 8 moves for one minute each, as many reps as you can with no rest.  My results:

Switch Kicks 67
Power Jacks 40
Power Knees 73
Power Jumps 41
Globe Jumps 8
Suicide Jumps 15
Push-Up Jacks 23
Low Plank Oblique 55

Fit tests are performed every two weeks to ensure progress.  I’m in a reasonably good shape for 44.  This was tough but I was ready to see what the main program had to offer.

Day 2: Plyometric Cardio Circuit (40 minutes)

This is a killer max interval routine.  Starts with a warm up as follows:

Jog 30 secs
Jumping Jacks 30 secs
Heismans 30 secs
123-123 30 secs
Butt Kicks 30 secs
High Knees 30 secs
Mummy Kicks 30 secs

This circuit is performed twice more with increasing intensity each time.  Water break for 30 secs followed by stretch routines for Hip flexors, hamstrings, quads.

Next comes an intense dose of interval training:
Suicide Drills 30 secs
Power Squats 30 secs
Mountain Climbers 30 secs
Ski Down Jumps 30 secs

Water break for 30 secs and then perform the whole circuit twice more!  Except on set 3 Shaun T adds switch feet routine for 30 secs followed by Football Wide Sprints.  Where’s the OXYGEN?  Damn this is a challenge!

Follow up to the above circuit comes in the form of more torture:
Basket Ball Jumps 30 secs
Level 1 drills (Push ups, Run It Outs, Ski abs and In Out Abs)
This circuit goes 3 rounds as the other one followed by 5 minutes of Boxing moves: Jabs, Cross Jabs, Upper Cuts, Attacks with open hands.  3 minutes of stretching brings Day 2 to an end.  Whew!  Here’s a video preview

Day 3: Cardio Power & Resistance (40 minutes)

Warm up with 3 sets with increasing intensity for each set:
Jog 30 secs
Power Jacks 30 secs
Log Jumps 30 secs
123-123 30 secs
Butt Kicks 30 secs
High Knees 30 secs
Vertical Jumps 30 secs

30 sec water break

Next circuit goes for 3 rounds with a 30 sec water break between each set
Power Jumps 30 secs
Belt Kicks 30 secs
Hit the Floor 30 secs
V Push Ups 30 secs

Set 3 finishes with one round of added:
Tricep Dips 30 secs
One Legged Tricep Dips 30 secs
Tricep Ball Push Ups 30 secs

Next Circuit:
Hurdle Jumps 30 secs
Globe Jumps 30 secs (these are killer!)
Moving Push Ups 30 secs
Floor Sprints 30 secs

Final circuit:
8 Hop Squats combined with 8 Push Ups repeated 3 times with no rest

Finish with 3 minutes of stretching

Day 4: Cardio Recovery

Don’t let the name fool you.  Recovery, yes.  Easy, heck no. This one will take you through the ringer on legs.  You get to perform squats, and more squats and then hold it till it burns!  If you are used to weight lifting and other cardio then you will love Insanity. These will workouts push you like crazy!

Day 5: Pure Cardio

More pain comes on Day 5.  This is cardio on steroids!  Same warm up as Day 3 followed by 3 minutes of stretching.  Then it’s on to a steady diet of abuse 🙂

Suicide Drills
Switch Kicks
Wide Football Sprints
Stance Jacks
Lunge and Sprints
Hooks & Jump Rope & Jabs

Power Jacks
Level 2 Drills (Push ups, Run It Outs, Frog Jumps, Power Knees, Suicide Jumps)

Day 6: Plyometric Cardio Circuit

Repeat of Day 2 to finish the week.

My assessment of week 1: This is a great max interval program what sends your heart rate soaring.  I’m not that concerned about losing weight but more about building endurance with this program and getting more definition.  After 6 workouts I feel great.  Stretching is helpful since I don’t do that as much as I should.  I have been eating reasonably clean.  Feeling good … let’s see what week 2 brings.

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