Snob factor around wine, beer, scotch is oft discussed but tequila often doesn’t get mentioned with the same reverence.  A bit unfair I think.  I sampled some great high tequila with my friend Bernd last week.  Most of his collection leans toward the Anejo variety … described as follows …

After aging for at least one year, Tequila can  be classified as an “Añejo”. The distillers are required to age Añejo Tequila in barrels that do not exceed 600 liters. This aging process darkens the Tequila to an Amber color, and the flavor can become smoother, richer, and more complex.   A new classification added in the summer of 2006, labeling any Tequila aged more than 3 years, an “Extra Añejo”.  With this extended amount of aging, the Tequila becomes much darker, more of a Mahogany color, and is so rich that it becomes difficult to distinguish it from other quality aged spirits. After the aging process, the alcohol content must be diluted by adding distilled water. These Extra Añejo’s are extremely smooth and complex.

We started with the Sin Rival … an extra aged artisan spirit aged in Tennessee whisky barrels.  On the palate, you can feel light heat with a sensational sweet and long after taste that resonates on the tongue.  At under 100 bucks, this tequila is a no brainer to have around in your home bar!

Next up was the Patron Gran Burdeos Anejo Tequila Bordeaux Cask.  This is an extremely-limited-production añejo, from one one of the world’s top tequilla producers. Patrón Burdeos is a tequila matured in barrels made of a unique blend of American mountain oak and oaks from the different regions of France. The tequila is aged for 12 months, then distilled once again and racked in hand-selected Bordeaux barrels, adding the distinct fruity flavors of the finest Bordeaux wines.  Not cheap at around $500+ but worth the splurge!

Chased with beer, the appetite gets worked up and dinner is next.  Simply grilled sashimi grade pepper tuna with summer squash.

Up next was El Mayor Anejo Tequila – This 100% agave tequila is aged up to 3 years in small, charred, white oak barrels. El Mayor Añejo is highly sophisticated, masterfully crafted and is designed for slow contemplative sipping.

The three stages of tequila drinking start to set in … standing up after your first one, one your ass after the next 2 and down and out after the next few …  Thanks B!

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