A day in Del Mar – Race Track & Food Truck Fest

Del Mar Racetrack is an horse racing track at the in the seaside city of Del Mar, California, 20 miles north of San Diego. Operated by the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club, it is known for the slogan: “Where The Surf Meets The Turf.” It was built by a partnership including Bing Crosby, the actor Pat O’Brien, Jimmy Durante, Charles S. Howard and Oliver Hardy.

San Diego crowds dressed in their Sunday finest drive on in their cars and ride into on their bikes to the fairgrounds every summer July 20 – through Sept. 7 designated for the race season.

This is the exact Harley Sportster on my short list … This bike shall be mine by the end of the year!

On this fine Saturday though horse racing took a back seat.  Connie and I were there for the side attraction … the great food truck fest 2011!  On the racetrack for one glorious day, the festival  showcased over 40 of SoCal’s best kitchens-on-wheels.  For food truck chasers, here’s the full line up.  I’ll highlight the dozen or so that we visited today or have visited in the past or the ones we would like to hit in the future.  The highlighted ones are in my humble opinion the best of the lot.

1 – Kalbi-Q
2 – Devilicious: Currently on the Great truck race on food network.  Want to visit in the future
3 – Crepes Bonaparte
4 – Brats Berlin
5 – Longboard’s Ice Cream
6 – Mangia Mangia
7 – Slap Yo Mama
8 – Rolling Sushi Van
9 – Lobsta Truck: We have hit this one in LA … great lobster rolls
10 – Nom Nom: Got a chance to sample their Banh Mi sandwiches.  They won second place on the first food truck race when the show debuted.
11 – Asian Persuasion
12 – Rajin Cajun
13 – Fresh Fries
14 – Corner Cupcakes
15 – Flippin Pizza
16 – Food Farm SD: Got a chance to sample this local SD truck.  Great sliders and tacos.
17 – Grilled Cheese Patrol: A good grill cheese is the ultimate in comfort food. This one is also on my wish list
18 – Great Balls on Tires: On my wish list to hit in LA the next time we get a chance
19 – Ludo
20 – Waffles De Liege: Sampled this one today at the fest.  Long line but worth it!
21 – Tapa Boy: Got to sample their Filipino cuisine.  Good, good stuff!
22 – Dogzilla Dogs
23 – The Gathering Spot: Also a local SD truck … on my wish list
24 – Kabob N Roll
25 – Georges Greek Cafe
26 – Two for the Road
27 – SD Street EATS: This one frequents our work campus
28 – Operacaffe
29 – The Flip Truck
30 – Naan Stop: This North Indian food truck from LA is also on my wish list
31 – The Dog Shack
32 – The Sweets Truck
33 – Super Q’s
34 – Patty Melt
35 – MIHO GastroTruck:  This local SD truck is cool.  Have used them for parties.
36 – Lee’s Philly
37 – Bitchin Burgers: On my wish list
38 – Tabe BBQ
39 – White Rabbit Truck
40 – Tornado Potato
41 – The Lime Truck: This truck hangs out in Costa Mesa … will hit it soon enough.  Also on the show this season
42 – Buttermilk Truck
43 – Sweet Treats Truck
44 – Dogtown Dogs
45 – Frysmith

Here’s the chaotic pictorial of the trucks and the masses that were on them like “White On Rice”.

The Nom Nom truck brings Banh Mi to the Masses.

What is a Banh Mi?  Glad you asked …

We tried the grilled pork and lemon grass chicken.  At 5 bucks a sandwich, it is “oh so tasty!”

Thank you Nom Nom!

Food Farm is a local San Diego truck. By combining only the best local ingredients with the expertise of Chef Kari Rich, FoodFarm is serving up grass fed sliders, salads, tacos and fries.

The Tapa Boy truck’s tagline is “Filipino Food on Filipino Time”.  Tapa Boy introduces silogs to the American mainstream, proud and authentic …  Tapas as Filipinos know it: A staple on almost every street corner, where inebriated night owls seeking a quick flavor bomb to sharpen dulled senses dive into their plates and only come up for air.  Caramelized, tender chunks of pork, complete with a special vinegar sauce to confuse and amuse your tongue.

Here’s the crazy, delicious Beef tapa that we sampled … thinly sliced beef tenderloin with great flavors.  Served with a kickin’ vinegar sauce on the side and plenty of Sriracha available for further kick to the palate as needed.

The wait and lines to get the food were barely manageable for some trucks to downright painful and unbearable for some.  Thank god for some craft beer at hand to ease the pain!  Lagunitas IPA was my choice on this beautifully warm So Cal day.

Taking a break from the eating action to watch a local band playing for the hungry masses … shirt by Woolrich Bros, jeans by Stronghold LA, watch by Cartier, sunglasses by Persol, hat by Goorin Bros.

And navy canvas kicks by Hudson.

Dessert came from the Waffle De Liege truck from Lynwood, California.  Waffles de Liege separates itself from most other Liege waffle eateries in that all of their dough is freshly made from scratch each morning.  Liege waffles are often enjoyed as they are, although toppings like nutella and speculoos spread, fresh fruit, whipped cream, and confectioner’s sugar are always a welcome addition.  We got ours topped with Toffee ice cream and Nutella.

Connie waiting in line for our ice cream waffle!

A few more truck pictures that I didn’t get to try but will hit in the future …

The sights by the grandstand and action outside the food lines …

On the way out I ogle at a few more 2 wheelin’, cruising beauts …

A few more weeks of the race season left … If you are in the San Diego, hit the race track.

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