Classic White Wingtips by Brooks Brothers

I recently happened to come across Brooks Brothers’ upscale Peal & Co. line of footwear on their website.  Did some research and learned that these English shoes are actually made by the fabled Alfred Sargent house of footwear.   Brooks Brothers had purchased the name Peal & Company and now uses respectable English shoemakers like Alfred Sargent to supply shoes under that name.  I found a pair of white wingtip lace ups at 50% off.

As one would expect from Alfred Sargent, these are extremely well crafted with Goodyear welting and quality materials.  The Goodyear welt process is the traditional method for the manufacture of mens dress shoes, taking its name from the inventor who devised the original hand sewn method. The benefit of a dress shoe which is made using the Goodyear welt construction is that the system allows for a constant flow of air through the shoe, which keeps the shoes ventilated, durable and strong.

A closer look at the sole on these brogues and the quality tacking.

These shoes have a Scotch grain leather which is embossed with a pebbled pattern.  Looks great on this pair.

I’m ready to step into these dandies …

No rules with how to wear these.  Pair them with dark denim, khakis, linen or wool trousers.

Brooks Brothers supplies these shoes with individual dust bags.  Use them to avoid getting scuffs and maintaining a clean look.

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