Tod’s Suede Shoes

By Special Contributor John Leite

A few weeks ago, my wife and I stumbled upon a terrific sale at the Tods outlet store in Cabazon, just outside of Palm Springs. If the prices were any lower, I should have had a lady’s pantyhose over my head while my wife waited outside with the car running. San Diego weather is tailor made for thin-soled suede shoes. I intend to make the most of my beautiful acquisitions.

Here, I matched my chocolate brown “New Brooklyn” loafers with brown slacks (Perry Ellis) and patterned socks. I wore a cream colored Oxford shirt to match the pattern in the socks (I felt a need to over-coordinate that day). The rich chocolate color actually gives the shoe a slimmer, more streamlined appearance than the others below. These are my favorite pair.

This day I matched my “New Brooklyn” pair in light brown with dark khakis (J Crew) and cream colored socks. I wore a fitted white shirt from Brooks Brothers who have come a long way from their traditional cuts (but we’ll cover that another day).

These are my mocha colored ‘New Brooklyn” which I wore with light colored khakis (Perry Ellis) and brown socks. The rule-of-thumb is to match the socks and the pants, but this day I was wearing my dark brown Burberry belt and felt like coordinating to the socks. I wore a matching Burberry shirt with mocha and light-blue colored Burberry-plaid pattern. I’ve worn these shoes with a light grey Hugo Boss suite and they look terrific.

Here you can see my navy-blue suede driving loafers which I wore with jeans (501 button fly Levis, what else?) I’ve actually worn these shoes several times without socks now that it’s summer. I don’t anticipate wearing blue suede in fall and winter, so I’m getting the most of them now.

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