Would it Kill Mark Cuban Wear a Collared Shirt?

Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, is one of the most outspoken critics of the NBA’s policies and has been fined more than any other NBA owner. However, he is also credited for revolutionizing NBA marketing and taking a struggling franchise to the championship.  But why does this billionaire dress like a slob?


What do you gentlemen think?  Is the anti suit a necessary evil?  Let’s face it, most guys dont know enough about quality suits, don’t care to know enough, and certainly don’t want to spend enough for quality suits.  Dressing well in my mind, is essential but it is also a passion, just like cooking, reading, or collecting wine.  There will always be people who don’t get it but that makes it special for those that do get it – a club of dandies (dare I say) who dress better than 99% of the population. I guess it’s better if everybody is not so picky about their appearance, it makes those of us who are, look that much better!  Would love your thoughts on the topic.

OK, shock, horror, gasp …

Not a photo you see every day …

Mark Cuban wears a suit and tie as he arrives at the courthouse for the Texas Rangersbaseball team ownership auction in Fort Worth last fall.  A slob transformed?

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