I Love my Espresso!

We gentlemen love our morning coffee … makes the world go around, protects your heart, boosts brain power, cures headaches and dammit it just tastes great!  As with any other ritual your reward comes with the right tools, good material and process.

The tools:

The Expobar “Brewtus” semi automatic Espresso maker.  It is a “Prosumer” machine that can best be described as a cross between ‘Professional’ and ‘Consumer’.  Prosumer Espresso Machines are made to be extremely consistent and durable, yet are scaled down to fit in the average home. Prosumer machines have either a Heat Exchange boiler, or Dual boilers, which means brewing and steaming can occur at the same time.  I have owned mine for 2+ years and it delivers day after day, consistent crema bombs of pure espresso richness!

The Macap MC4 Manual stepless coffee grinder is made and designed in Italy.  Boasting 250 watts of power and 58mm flat burrs rotating up to 1400 rpm, it gives you a perfect bean grind.  Grinding your beans everyday ensures the freshest coffee experience.  More time consuming, but well worth the process.

The Reg Barber solid aluminum tamper has a unique shape that fits easily in the hand. Perfect for use with any espresso machine, these tampers are available with either a 51mm, 53mm, 57mm and 58mm flat base or a 58mm curved base depending on the size of your portafilter.

Best online merchant to get your tools: http://www.wholelattelove.com/

The Raw Material:

A great coffee maker needs equally matched beans to produce the magic in your cup.  My recommendation is Blue Bottle Coffee in San Francisco.  Organic and roasted the day your order is shipped, BBC provides great quality and service in their coffee shops or through the online experience. http://www.bluebottlecoffee.net/

Blue Bottle’s shop at the Ferry Building in San Francisco

Happy Brewing!

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