Get a Pair of Carmina Lace Ups

What started as a small workshop in Inca, Majorca started by Mateo Pujadas in 1866, Carmina shoes has since cultivated a rich legacy of hand crafted shoes.  The shoemaker has established eight shops across Europe (in Paris, Barcelona, Bilbao, Valladolid, Palma de Mallorca, and three in Madrid) and competes head to head with the world’s most distinguished shoemakers. Carmina’s shoes are Goodyear-stitched with the same techniques, consistency and perfection as their famed English counterparts.  I lucked into a pair of suede and leather lace ups a few years ago.  They are well worn, comfortable, and versatile providing a  great look with suits or casual wear.

Get a pair from their shop in Madrid … it’s a beautiful store.  Unfortunately there is no US distributor to the best of my knowledge.

One thought on “Get a Pair of Carmina Lace Ups

  1. What a fantastic website!!!
    I do agree with almost all of it, espresso is an important part of a lifestyle as is wristwatch and a daily workout.
    Now i was wondering if there is some kind of lower end of all of the above since god espresso equipment costs a fortune and not to mention a vintage timepiece ,clothing etc..
    But anyways great website..

    BR E.

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