5 Fashionable Villains

By special contributor John Leite

Here’s a fun segment for The Classic Gentleman … A short take on our 5 most fashionable villains from the silver screen

Starting at #5 …

Dracula in “Bram Stoker’s Dracula” played by Gary Oldman

Wisdom of the ages, command of the forces of evil, irresistible to women and the power of immortality all wrapped up in the best Victorian fashion.

Our alternate …

The count

At #4 …

Agent Smith in “The Matrix” played by Hugo Weaving

Psychotically methodical…check. Order and precision obsessed…check. This self-aware counter-terrorism computer program rocks a black and white ensemble and reminds us that tie-bars serve a function: they keep the tie off your face when you’re kicking the butts of hacker punks who would stir up trouble.

Our alternate …

The gentlemen from the “Reservoir Dogs”

At #3 …

John Dillinger in “Public Enemies” played by Johnny Depp

Ah, the good old days when men were nattily attired even when robbing a bank. Great fabrics make for great textures and last forever. Odds are a well-made wool coat like the the wore in the movie, would be practical to hide your Thompson submachine.

Our alternate …

DeNiro as Al Capone

At #2 …

Patrick Bateman in “American Psycho” played by Christian Bale

Big shoulders, bold silhouette cuts and bolder ties. That perfect mix of Reagan-era self-absorption wrapped in Pat Riley style where cocaine was considered an accessory.  The best accessory: confidence and attitude.

Our alternate …

Gordon Gekko

At #1 … Drum roll please

Julian in “American Gigolo” played by Richard Gere

Arguable whether Julian is a true villain but Armani takes us to school in this movie showing us how to blend wool, silk, denim in sharply sculpted cuts. This movie catapulted Italian style into the American conscience. This was 1980 and you can still draw lessons from this film that apply today…in other words, this is the new classic.

Our alternate … none

The dude is in a class of his own …watch this today!

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