Happy Father’s Day Dad!

My dad Jairaj (JC or Jamu to most of his friends and family) is an inspiration to me and his values have shaped the core of who I am. A classic gentleman in his own right, he is ever so stylish but far more importantly generous to a fault, and a man of utmost integrity.  He began the corporate grind early in life and instilled the importance of education, work ethic and sports into the young impressionable minds of my brother and I as we grew up in a home filled with love and life in Bahrain (in the 60’s, 70’s and part of the 80’s).  Having lived in the US now for 25 years, Father’s Day every year is always a celebration of the fond memories that dad created for us.  Happy Father’s dad – with love from both your sons, your daughters in law and  your granddaughters!

The epitome of a classic gentleman

In this picture from the 60’s, dad in his classic aviators, crisp white shirt and the perfect slim tie.  I wish more men today would dress like the men did in that era.

Collage of Dad with cousin Victor and my mom Sheela

In the collage above, the upper left picture shows dad with his cousin Victor (yes, cigarettes were cool in the 60’s); in the center looking sharp with a full sleeve polo and his signature aviators; upper right with his linen shirt folded just so right; bottom left and right with my mom Sheela.

Collage with mom and dad, my brother and I, grandpa and grandma

In this set, upper left shows our neighbor and good friend Gopi carrying his son Ravi with me standing next to him and my brother Jitu by dad.  In the center, mom and dad (what a gorgeous looking couple); Upper right my mom Sheela.  At the bottom left, my grandpa and I; In the center yours truly wearing a tie (my passion for clothing started early in life); to the right my grandma and I.

Collage fast forward

Fast forward to the late 80’s and early 90’s … upper left family pic just before I left for the US in 1987; center and right my wedding pics from 1989; bottom right – graduation day from Marquette University in 1989; bottom left with dad in Dubai in 2003.

Dad with grand daughter Cristina in 2010

Dad with his grand daughter (my daughter) Cristina pictured at cousin Jai’s wedding in Dubai, 2010.

Dad with his daughter in law

Dad with his daughter in law (my wife) Connie also pictured at cousin Jai’s wedding in Dubai, 2010.

Have a fantastic day dad!

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