A Perfect Finish To Father’s Day

As a dad on Father’s day, the ask is pretty simple.  I want to be surrounded by family, good conversation, food and wine.  Yes it’s just that simple!  This summer Connie and I are lucky to have our daughter home from school.  She is recovering from surgery so no working or summer school … a blessing in disguise of sorts.  It was a fairly typical Southern California day that began with a Sunday breakfast that Connie served up as I played barista pulling perfect shots on the Expobar Espresso machine.  We lazed through the rest of the day … TV, newspapers, and taking care of my daughter’s needs as she recovers from foot surgery.

My father’s day present was perfect – Glenn O’ Brien’s book How To Be A Man … A Guide to Style and Behavior for the Modern Gentleman.  For those of you who might not know, Glenn O’ Brien writes the GQ column “The Style Guy” which I love.

How To Be A Man

For dinner – I decided on a simple grill based dish.  Chicken marinated with fresh lemon juice, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, garlic, fresh ground pepper and salt accompanied by made from scratch salsa with avocado, tomato, red and Serrano peppers, cilantro plus sweet baked potato.

Grilled Chicken with salsa and sweet potato

The wine I chose was a Malbec – J Opi a.k.a Rodolfo Sadler 2010 Malbec Mendoza.  It was rich, ripe and had smoky vanilla undertones.

J Opi Malbec Mendoza

All in all, a wonderful Sunday with my wife and daughter.  Thanks for making it special … I love you both!

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