June 16: A Short Take On Double Breasted Suits

6 Button Double Breasted Suit by Banana Republic, Bespoke Shirt by W.W. Chan, Watch by Patek, Shoes by Canali

No suit makes a man look better, no matter what his physique, than a double-breasted one.  “It’s powerful because being constantly buttoned, it always looks put together–the pronounced shoulder expression and peak lapels aid in this, too,” says Stephen Kempson, a private tailor in New York City.  “Double-breasted suits complement and further the illusion of height,” says former Saks Fifth Avenue CEO Philip Miller, who is 6’1”. “They create a great V shape for the wearer, which in turn makes him look much slimmer and statuesque,” says Bill Downs, head sales associate at Wilkes Bashford in San Francisco.

The double-breasted suit is marked by two rows of vertical buttons. The optimal number is a six-button jacket with two rows of three buttons on the outside and one additional closure button on the inside.  Do not get a double breasted jacket with 4 buttons!

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