Exploring Abbot Kinney Blvd. in Venice, CA

If you are looking to spend a long, lazy afternoon on a sun soaked trendy street in So Cal, Abbot Kinney Blvd. is your destination.  Food trucks with global cuisine, great coffee shops, trendy boutiques and world class dining lined up for your exploration.

On the 1400 block, you can’t miss some new street art work by French street artist JR as part of his “Wrinkles in the City” Project.

My companions for the day … the love of my life, Connie

And my mother in law Carolyn who was visiting us from Wisconsin.

We arrived in the city just around lunch time and headed straight for the Kogi food truck for Korean inspired Mexican classics – short rib tacos, Sweet chili chicken and Kimchi quesadillas.

A Pilsner Urquell from “The Brig” helped combat the heat from the street grub …

Seating area in Brig Parking lot where Kogi and a few other trucks congregate.

The Irreverently Good Dogs truck had a fabulously enticing “junk food” menu – will give it a try some other time.

If meat and potatoes is your thing … yep it’s out there … gut busting sandwiches and fries.

The Calbi Taco & Burrito truck

And Louks Greek gourmet …

Canines galore – in all shapes and sizes out with their owners.  This little guy was on the hunt for scraps.

Will shake your hand sir if you feed me …

This pug was being carted around in a baby stroller … yeeeesh!

And this groggy guy was ready for caffeine.

Looking for vintage convertibles? … plenty on Abbot Kinney – hey it is So Cal after all.  Porsche, Alfa Romeo and the Beetle Bug snapped below.

And a few good bikes … Vulcan, Enfield and Indian.

If you are a coffee enthusiast, head to Intelligensia Coffee. After passing through the iron gates facing the bustling boulevard, visitors walk down an ivy-covered hall open to the sky where they are greeted at a butcher block “concierge desk.” From this point, they are taken to one of four custom-fabricated espresso machines where their espresso drink or coffee-by-the-cup is prepared. The idea is for a barista to stay with one person throughout the interaction to create an individualized experience for every customer, regardless of how many are being served.

A perfectly executed cup of cappuccino crafted with Intelligensia’s Black Cat Espresso.

This gentleman probably had a similar cup of eye opening coffee!

Abbot Kinney boasts an eclectic mix of shops including “The Stronghold” for American made jeans and other luxury goods, “Steven Alan Annex” for classic American wear for men and women, “Waraku” for sneakers,“Jack Spade” for men’s clothing and accessories, “Topo Ranch” for impossibly soft t-shirts and “Enda King” for menswear.

Ping pong table fun courtesy of Jack Spade …

The art, the dwellings, street vendor merchandise and homes are a visual treat with a projection of edge and energy.

Death to Ken!

Later in the evening after the departure of the Kogi truck, the parking lot was filled up with 5 black Audi’s.  The attendant mentioned that it was a pure coincidence but I don’t know if I bought that line.

This cat’s expression says it all … it was a good night and time to head home …

One thought on “Exploring Abbot Kinney Blvd. in Venice, CA

  1. Great time was had by all- MOM, myself and of course Raj. We had a beautiful day and good food. Living in the moment,how lucky to have the opportunities!!!

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