F.S.C Barber

F.S.C. Barber with two locations in New York has expanded to California with a 1,200-square-foot shop in San Francisco’s Mission District. Services offered include straight-razor shaves, classic cuts, with an old fashioned ambiance.  Haircuts are $40, a beard trim runs $15, and straight-razor shaves cost $40. The barbers use traditional grooming tools such as shaving brushes and military-style hair brushes. Product lines include Hawleywood’s, Malin+Goetz, and Baxter of California.

F.S.C Barber is located on 696 Valencia St., San Francisco, 415-621-9000

Also housed within is the Freemans Sporting Club boutique that carries a line of made-in-America menswear.  “Made Local, Buy Local” is the thriving tenant of the company.  The store was in the process of opening which was the reason why Ricky, the store manager was reluctant to let us take pictures.


One thought on “F.S.C Barber

  1. If you find one you may then need to clean it before you add it to your collection or even start using it. There are specific steps to follow to achieve this and bring your new razor back to life, so to speak.

    First, if the razor happens to be all metal then you can place the whole thing in a pan of boiling water for 10 minutes to let the dirt and grime loosen up a bit. Then take a brush to it and scrub the heck out of it. The brush you use does not have to be anything special. An old tooth brush will do just fine.

    Scrub off all the loosened dirt and then take a cotton swab to get into any engravings or decoration that are holding stubborn dirt. Depending on the way the blade was stored you may have to use some type of degreaser on it to clean it successfully.

    If the straight razor is badly rusted you may want to clean it up by using a grinder and taking the rust off that way. you could sharpen the blade at the same time unless ther is still some cleaning to do then wait and sharpen the blade at a later time to save your fingers and hand from cuts while you are handling it.

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