TCG Recommends: Orlebar Brown

With Memorial Day around the corner, and summer not too far behind, you want to look your best on the beach.  Enter Orlebar Brown, swim trunks with attitude.  These much shorter (unlike the shapeless, baggy board shorts) are tailored with classic  ’50s appeal.  They have amazing detail like a flat, non-elastic waistband with adjustable fasteners, a zip fly and two hidden slit side pockets, making them stylish with a price tag to match.  But hey, like I always say – quality over quantity!

So what’s their story?  OB luxury shorts are a brain child of Adam Brown, a former fashion photographer from London.  The idea for Orlebar Brown surfaced with his  disappointment with what was available in men’s beach and swimwear. I love Orlebar Brown’s simple philosophy not too dissimilar from the craftsmen at Savile Row – anyone, regardless of body-shape, looks better in a well cut pair of shorts or trousers.  From an interview with New York times, Adam was quoted  “It shouldn’t matter if you’re fat, thin, pear-shaped, have a big bum — it’s equally flattering. And it shouldn’t be too driven by fashion. If a design is relevant now, it should be equally relevant in five years’ time.”

The styles at OB are all appealing as beach wear but TCG favorites come from the “Dogs Bulldog” line featuring digital prints of man’s best friend.  Take a look at these puppies …

Amazing attention to detail on these shorts including engraved side fasteners, zip fly, net lining and quick dry Polyamide fabric.

The company also offers collaborative creations such as a partnership with British born, Alan Aldridge one of the world’s greatest illustrators that captures the vivid and psychedelic spirit of the 1960’s.  These are really special.

As I said, the price tag on these luxury creations is high ($150-$325) but you get what you pay for.  Go get ’em at

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