TCG recommends Bonobos

Founders Brian Spaly and Andy Dunn

Bonobos is an online retailer that started selling men’s pants with the founders idealistic that they eliminate the sagging bottom of ill-fitting trousers!  Andy Dunn and co-founder, Brian Spaly, started making the trousers in 2007, while they were housemates at Stanford Business School.  Mr. Spaly, a former athlete, could not find pants with both a slim waist and enough room in the rear and thighs.  The Bonobos pants, which come in straight leg and boot cut, are best for those with athletic builds.  The company has been developing pants for slimmer and bigger men.  What distinguishes Bonobos from other retailers is their extraordinary customer service modeled after Nordstroms, the legendary bricks and mortar department store.  Bonobos also offers free shipping both ways along with lifetime returns, and encourages people to buy and return several pairs of pants to find the right fit.  Today, Bonobos is a full-fledged fashion label, operating from an office in the Flatiron district. It has a full selection of menswear, including fitted oxford dress shirts, wool cashmere suits and boat shoes.

Bonobos can be found online at

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