How to go sockless

There is a certain air of elegance to a sockless look if engineered with some degree of care.  As the mercury rises, your clothes get lighter, your look more casual, and the informality is acceptable if executed with style.  But there are do’s and don’ts when you ditch the socks.  For starters, there are particular pieces of footwear with which one should never wear socks in the first place.  Deck shoes, those classic American Sperry Topsiders or Quoddy (pictured below) for example, should never come within a mile of a sock.  On the casual side, simple leather or canvas sneakers / trainers, look best without socks as well.

The do’s and images on how to achieve the look:

  • Sprinkle talcum powder in your shoes to keep them dry and eliminate foot odor.
  • Rotate your shoes.  Don’t wear the same pair everyday as they need to air out and dry
  • Use loafer socks.  If you don’t like the idea of no socks but want to achieve that sockless look.

Here’s are a couple of dont’s …

  • No socks if … you are wearing shorts (loafer socks are ok)
  • Do not look like the typical American tourist.  You know what I’m talking about (see image 3 below)

Your best source for loafer socks is MS&Co.

2 thoughts on “How to go sockless

  1. Hey, it obviously looks strange, you posted only white socks, the goy of the last picture, then, is dressed silly from the top down, his tennis shoes with calf white socks are indeed the most passable items of his outfit! That said, when I have to wear socks with shorts, I’d wear *black* ankle socks if I’m wearing loafers or boat shoes, I’m thin with lean legs (i mean simply not chubby, not to brag about how I supposedly look) so I could get away with white socks too, but I warmly suggest black ankle socks to the second guy with socks due to his robust phisical complection.

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