Your cash-stash … ditch your wallet

Are you a hoarder schlepping a receipt stuffed tri-fold?  Do you carry every wallet-sized picture of your kids your wife has ever given you?  How about customer loyalty cards for restaurants or coupons?

Does your wallet look like this?  Do you like the protruding bulge in your back pocket pants destroying the fabric you paid good money for?

A streamlined bi-fold or credit card cases are the way to go gentlemen.  Try these options …

Maxx & Unicorn Wallets, handmade in Brooklyn NY. The Maxx & Unicorn Bi-Fold wallet comes from a young Brooklyn designer who makes really interesting accessories.  His items all have an innovative twist – with the wallets usually made from a single folded piece of leather. Each wallet also sports a vintage branded logo in the corner of two dueling pistols.

If you want a minimalist approach that goes one step further, a simpler card carrying case will do the trick.

Design shop Billy Kirk’s hand-stitched card/cash cases is one of their most popular items cherished designs. Top quality waxed cording and German Prym snaps that get better with age. Created in response to the lack of smaller wallets on the market and the fact that men both put their wallets in front pockets.  Made in the USA is an additional plus!

Bottega Venetta card case

Ready to ditch your fat tri-fold wallets gentlemen?

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