Tailored shirts by Ledbury

Listen up gentlemen.  This piece features shirt makers Ledbury recently founded by Messrs. Paul Trible and Paul Watson, a couple of Americans with MBA’s from Oxford.

Their style for shirt making is rooted in the tradition of Savile Row tailoring (read style, quality and unmatched fit) coupled with affordability.  Paul Trible says it well when he laments the availability of well tailored shirts in the US  … “The big name menswear retailers made formless, boxy clothes, while luxury brands charged exorbitant prices. It seemed like there was a real need for an American shirtmaker that offered European quality, English fit and American style, all at an attainable price.”

There is nothing more that I am going to say about Ledbury shirts that you can’t gather from the video below narrated by Paul Trible.  Thank you Paul for letting me use this video to describe the anatomy of a Ledbury shirt.

In case you can’t or don’t want to watch the clip, the points below capture the essence of  Ledbury shirts.  Check them out at http://www.ledbury.com/

Unlike most shirtmakers our collars (which are sewn on separately) are fused from the outside in, this helps them remain standing and looking great under a blazer or sweater.2. THE IDEAL V AT THE NECKLINE
A lowered second button creates the perfect V at the neckline. Preventing the shirt from being buttoned too high or too low in a smart casual setting.3. FINEST ITALIAN WOVEN FABRICS
Our dress shirts are constructed from only the finest Italian woven two-fold cotton.
All of our shirts are made with slightly less fabric in the waist and torso to create a more flattering shape (If you are a bigger build, not to worry, our classic shirt fits men of all shapes and sizes).5. ANGLO-AMERICAN OR LEDBURY COLLAR
The Anglo-American is an ideal spread that lies between the English cut-away and the American mid-point, while the Ledbury offers a wider spread for a more pronounced look.6. MOTHER OF PEARL BUTTONS
Made from the heart of the oyster shell. A sign of true quality and attention to detail.7. SINGLE BUTTON OR FRENCH CUFF
Single button barrel or rounded French cuff with color contrast for style

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