The case for carrying a briefcase

Spotted: Grown man, suit and tie … wearing a backpack.  And, he is using both straps!  The contrast between a suit and backpack is a bit much.  It’s like seeing an adult-sized Kindergartner.   Besides looking ridiculous, the straps on back pack actually damage your clothing by stressing the clothing fabric.  Over-packing a backpack causes even more wear and tear.

A briefcase is a timeless accessory to any man’s professional image.  Get rid of your backpack and start using one.  If you are a professional who takes time to wear suits, blazer or dress shirts, then  take the time to integrate your accessories with your look.  Leave the back pack to the school boys!

This gentleman is all business.

This structured intrecciato calf leather briefcase is the picture of sleek elegance and will hold items ranging from documents to a laptop with ease and security.  By Bottega Veneta for men.

2 thoughts on “The case for carrying a briefcase

  1. Hey — I use backpacks a lot — and I agree they look a little off (but I’m a teacher, so maybe it’s OK)

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