Beach and surf wear – Sundek shorts

It was sunny and 80 degrees in Carlsbad, CA today.  A friend and I went surfing for the first time this year.  As I got dressed for the beach, I reached without thinking for my “go to” Sundek shorts.  Over the years I have worn various brands of beach shorts mostly the ill fitting variety … (read board shorts).  A couple of years ago I lucked into a few pairs of Sundek shorts at Bloomingdale’s which is now beach uniform for me.

Founded in the 1940’s, Sundek decided in 1958 to focus on the burgeoning surf communities in Hawaii and Southern California. They created their now iconic rainbow design on the back yoke of their quick-drying nylon surf shorts and added a small loop on the waistband in order to hang-dry them, either from a hook or from a car’s antenna, as many did on their way home from the beach. True to their 70’s and 80’s design, Sundeks are still cut slimmer and shorter than the ankle-grazers of today, which can make even the most developed legs look scrawny.

Sundek’s are available at MR. Porter, Saks Fifth Ave. & Bloomingdales.  And by the way here’s a cool video titled “The Perfect Wave” from Sundek’s website.

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