Are you ready for the warm weather?

By Guest Contributor John Leite

Spring is here and summer is nearly upon us, and I for one believe it’s filled with style landmines. We’re tempted to cut a few corners for the sake of comfort.  It’s hot, we men sweat.  I get it.   Nevertheless, I have faith that an acceptable compromise can be reached.

I know many of you out there enjoy wearing polo shirts.  This poor gentleman is clearly out of ideas. Beige, baggy and sleeves below the elbows … not a refined look.   Note where the seams on his shoulder land.   This man is a model and his look is an ill fitting one.

There are varying degrees of fit and they all depend on physique and, honestly, your modesty.  But if you’re not shy and think you’re fit enough to pull it off, go with a slim fit. If you don’t think slim fit will work for you, there are still universal rules that apply:

  • The stitching at the shoulder should actually sit on your shoulder.
  • The sleeve should be no longer than your elbow.
  • The length shouldn’t be just long enough to get away without tucking in your pants.
  • Popping the collar up is optional.

Seriously? This gentleman is not even fat and he looks like Jared before the Subway diet!  We are not a fan of pleats. They’re not flattering and the minute you take a seat, it appears that your crotch is tented.  No gentleman looks good in pleats!

Here’s how you do it better with a simple formula … flat fronts and tapered leg pants (a clean and classic modern look!)

The look above?  Never at work gentlemen!

Here are some occasions where these pants would perhaps be appropriate:

  • A construction site
  • Digging for archaeological relics
  • Taking down Taliban members
  • Anywhere in Seattle
  • Global Summit protest
  • If you’re a foreign correspondent in Africa

Here’s cargo pants done right … classic style amplified with new features.  Slim fit with leather strap details.

This gentleman is wearing pleated boxy shorts that can make skinny chicken legs appear even skinnier!

As in the pants … flat fronts, form fitting … these shorts provide a clean modern look.

Beach volleyball tournament? … sure, Tour de France…absolutely … At work, on a date, a funeral, absolutely not!

If these Persol’s were good enough for Steve McQueen and most Italians, they are good for you too.

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