You can buy fashion but do you have style?

Anyone can buy fashion, but not everyone can have style.  Style is the goal though it should never be the aim. The Italians call it sprezzatura. It’s an effortless self-expression that comes after mastery of the medium. It’s the way that you can wear something just slightly off, just slightly wrong but it can only come after you’ve mastered wearing everything right.  It’s the little idiosyncrasies that personalize fashion, individualize it to the point it becomes style.

I can sense it now. You’re skeptical as you read this and already dismissive.  I don’t blame you.  I’m not saying I have it all figured out. What I am saying is that I recognize the value.  I understand its importance.  We remember JFK, his impeccably tailored suits and worn, stretched pockets because he kept his hands in there. His suits bore the damage of how comfortably he wore them.  I grew up in New Jersey and attended public school my whole life. I remember how the cool the private school kids looked wearing their uniforms with such disdain, such irreverence that they made a crested jacket a symbol of rebellion.

What clothes you wear have less to do with how you look and more how you present yourself to the world. Should people trust you?  Should they listen to what you have to say?  If you only had 3 seconds to make an impression, what would you focus on to improve?

Don’t make the poser mistake and use your clothes to project an image that doesn’t represent you. Be honest but be ambitious. Be bold if you’re bold, be modest if otherwise.  Always opt for quality even if it means buying less. Have fun!

Special contributor, John Leite

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